What Big Business Has Done To Little Business


As most of you know, I work for a couponing blog. I was getting 15-20 hours a week, which was perfect. I’m a single mom and also a college student, so it was just enough to help me keep floating along. Most of the traffic on the website is generated from our page on Facebook. Many people who don’t own a page on Facebook don’t know that no matter how many people “like” you on Facebook, Facebook won’t show your posts to everyone who likes your page unless you pay a fee. What is that fee you might ask?

Well it depends on how many “likes” you have on Facebook, my personal autism blog has 783 likes and they want me to pay $30 PER POST. The blog I work for has 48,330 “likes” and Facebook wants them to pay $400 PER POST.  The blog I work for posts anywhere from 20-30 posts a day. That’s $8,000-$12,000 a day Facebook wants us to pay. They used to allow 30% of your “likers” to see your posts on their newsfeed if you didn’t pay, but recently they changed their algorithms and now hardly anybody sees your posts.

The page I work for has 48,330 “likes” on Facebook and on a good day Facebook only shows our posts to about 1,000 of those “likes”. Some people might not think this is such a big deal, but it really is. My hours have dropped from 15-20 a week to MAYBE 2 if I’m lucky. I’m not blaming my boss in any way; her website is how she makes income for her family. She is the primary income in the family which consists of 4 children. She can’t afford to take care of her family and still pay me. She’s not the only one affected by this.  Other coupon bloggers are now looking for normal 9-5 jobs so they can feed their families.

It’s also affecting other pages that don’t do it for money. I write a personal blog on autism. It’s about my son and I, who are both on the spectrum and our every day life dealing with autism.  I have 783 “likes” on my blog’s Facebook page. A lot of people look to my page for support and to know that they are not alone in this journey with autism. Out of my 783 likes, only around 100 people are seeing my posts. Facebook also wants me, a non business owner to pay PER POST in order for everyone who likes my page to see what I post.

I understand that Facebook is a big company, and they are looking for ways to make money and continue to offer a “free” social media site. But what this big company doesn’t understand is that they are hurting all the other smaller people. I talked with my parents about this last night and my dad said “you writing anything don’t matter, Facebook doesn’t care. They are out to make money and don’t care who they hurt in the long run.” And, maybe my dad is right, maybe Facebook really doesn’t care. But I still want people to know just how much this has hurt not only the couponing community, but the autism community, and countless other pages. There are other sites that can be used to help generate traffic on blogs but nothing compares to Facebook. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook and uses it to keep in touch with people, stay on track of the latest news, see where they can get the biggest bang for their buck, and look for support in this often time cold world we live in.

If Facebook wants to charge a monthly fee, so that they can make some money off of it, then so be it. They deserve to make money like any other company, but $400 PER POST is just ridiculous. Unless you are a big time company you can’t afford that. A lot of pages will stop posting, stop working. In this day in age aren’t we trying to boost our economy? In order to boost an economy people need money and they need to spend it. But how can people make money or spend money when big companies do things like this? 



Here are a few screenshots from Facebook, just to prove my point:









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