So it’s been three weeks since my son’s father left and I’ve been going over and over our entire relationship in my head trying to think of what would make him leave and then it hit me.

It had nothing to do with me, or us, or our relationship. It had EVERYTHING to do with autism.

The months, weeks, days, leading up to him leaving he was having less patience with our son.

If we went out in public and Jeremiah even hinted that he might have a meltdown his father was ready to go home.

Instead of listening to the therapists (which has proven to work with our son) he just would try to let Jeremiah do whatever he wanted. So that there would be no screaming or meltdowns, but there would be broken toys and very messy messes that his father never cleaned.

Instead of playing with our son like he used to he would put a movie on like a baby sitter and zone out of the whole situation.

In the three weeks since he’s left he has not called to talk to or ask about our son once. He has talked to our son once but that was because I called him a bunch and made him answer his phone.

Today I stumbled across Autism Daddy’s letter to dad’s who have left or are considering leaving because of Autism and it really hit home. It was exactly what I needed to hear today.


This was my favorite part of his letter. It hits the nail right on the head. Jeremiah’s father is a weasel and if he doesn’t want to be in our son’s life because it’s “too difficult” then that’s fine.

We will be fine. We have each other. We have an awesome support group. And we have love.


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