Special ed teachers

Before I say what I want to say I am going to acknowledge that not every special ed teacher is bad.

BUT, I am so sick and tired of hearing on the news or through personal stories, about autistic children being abused by their teachers!!!!

What are the qualifications to become a special need teacher? They don’t seem strict enough to me.

What can we do as parents or individuals with autism to stop this??

What is the answer? Cameras in the classroom? Stricter training? Psych tests given to perspective teachers?

What has the world come to that we even have to consider any of that? It makes me sad.

I was bullied all throughout school. Not by my teachers but by my peers. I hurt for my child because I more than anyone else understand his struggles and understand his issues (for lack of better word).

I’ve been there and done that. And perhaps that is why I am such a strong advocate, not only for my son, but for autistic children everywhere.

My son is only 2 but I hurt knowing that stuff like this is a very real possibility when I send him off to school. Not only do I get to worry about other kids picking on him, I now get to worry about his future teacher.

When are people going to see that autistic people may be wired differently, but we are still people? We are human beings with feelings just like everyone else.

This just isn’t fair and I want to find some way to stop this.


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  1. Personally I love this! I am a special ed teacher, but more importantly I am the mother of a beautiful boy with autism! After he was diagnosed I went back to school to become a special ed teacher because I knew there were so many bad ones out there and I wanted to be as involved as humanly possible in my sons academic career. I have to say I shudder to think about many of the other people I went to college with, ever teaching children…

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