Handling the stuff life throws at you

“When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.”

I have a very hard time doing that. Life has sure thrown a ton of lemons at me, and I don’t think I’ve handled them properly.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I have completely changed how I felt. My son is diagnosed with severe ASD. He is 2 and non verbal. He can repeat or echo words (he has echolalia). As far as words he can say on his own with no prompting what so ever there are only a few.

I used to cry picking him up from daycare when the kids in his class (that are his age) said “bye Jeremiah”. I cried because he couldn’t say his own name but kids his age could.

I used to cry when he would get frustrated and scream because I couldn’t understand what it was he was trying to tell me he needed.

He can not talk and yet his insurance will only approve 30min of speech a week. I know parents whose kids can talk, they just stutter or have a severe lisp, etc and they get speech therapy everyday.

I used to scream that it wasn’t fair. I used to go nuts thinking about it.

But I’ve come to the realization that at least he is getting therapy. He may not ever talk and that’s okay. He is one of the brightest little boys I know. He also has more manners than any 2 year old I’ve ever met. He can sign please and thank you, and does so often.

He can take toys apart and put them back together. He has the biggest smile ever when he sees mommy and daddy come pick him up from daycare. He licks my face and tries to act like the dog. (weird? Yes. But it never fails to make me laugh.)

I love him for everything he can do and for what he has taught me about life.

I promise to him and I promise to myself that I will not focus on what he can’t do anymore. I will focus on all the things he can do.

I know it’s easier to see the can’t dos, but if you try and focus on the can dos, you just might be able to make lemonade with the lemons.


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