Those touchy subjects

There are a few parts of autism that are considered “touchy subjects” and some people don’t like talking about them.

One of those subjects is poop smearing. Most of us have been through or are currently going through it.

I thought we had nipped it in the bud. But the evil poop smearing monster is back. :-/

My son started the poop smearing in November. Anytime he pooped if you didn’t change him immediately, it would end up on his hands, in his hair, on his face, on his stomach, and even IN his mouth!

Our occupational therapist suggested it was a sensory thing so giving him play doh or something else that felt like poop might help him stop. We also worked really hard on getting him to say the word “dodo” and know what it was.

Once we did those things the smearing stopped, he told us every time he pooped, and he felt like a big boy because of it.

We were doing so great. Four months smearing free until a week ago. Now instead of telling people he went potty he is now taking his diaper off and then playing in it. 😦

I try to keep a close eye on him, but to watch him 24/7 is just not an option. I do use the bathroom, cook, etc.

So my question to you is; how do I stop this? Has there been any techniques that have worked for you?



  1. We had to duct tape the diaper so that he couldn’t get it off and then make sure he had on clothes that he couldn’t get off. We only had the problem at nap/bed time, so we always put him in footie pjs and then safety pinned the zipper closed. He didn’t have the fine motor skills to undo the safety pin until he was quite a bit older.

  2. Since we could watch our son 24 hours a day, we put zip-up pj’s backwards on him. He could not reach the zipper to take it off. He could not get to the diaper/pull-up. He wore the pj’s ALL the time at home. I had them up to size 8. I cut out the feet of the zip up pj’s and sometimes cut off the sleeves when weather was warm. Be careful that you do not cut any of the long zipper part.

  3. We were in Birmingham and Houston during the poop smearing phase and we still put him in the footie pjs. Mean? Possibly. But, I was tired of having to clorox his bedroom and everything in it two-three times a day. He eventually grew out of the phase.

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