Child leashes

So I keep hearing people say they don’t want to use a child leash because they are too afraid of what people will say and how they will be looked at.

Let me start off with this; I too had the same fears. Before I had children I always thought child leashes were a joke.

Now that I have a child, especially a child with autism, I am a huge advocate for them.

My son has no proprioceptive reference at all. He thinks he’s further away from objects than he actually is. This causes him to trip, bump into things, run into things, etc.

He also isn’t a fan of holding hands or shopping carts. He won’t sit in the seat and when he’s in the back of the shopping cart he wants to stand/jump.

He also loves running, which sometimes means running away from me. So for these reasons I think the leashes are awesome.

Today we went to Walmart and Petsmart. He let us use the leash without fussing or fighting for the first time. He actually kind of liked it. My husband and I felt safe that he could not wander away from us, and he felt like he could finally have some freedom and be able to walk and explore things.

Nobody looked at us weird, and the only comments we got from people were how cute my son was and how curly his hair is.

So for you parents that worry about what other people will think, and let that stop you from feeling safety and from letting your child feel some freedom, I say don’t. What’s the old saying? “Those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter.”


This is the leash we have for my son.


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