Last night the husband and I went out by ourselves and our son stayed with my parents. Usually he gets so mad when he sees us leave that it takes an hour or so to calm him down. My mother reported to me that he was very good the entire night. They ate stuffed peppers for dinner and he ate all of it (usually he wont eat the pepper).

They went to bed at 8 without a fight (which almost never happens). He woke up at 10 because he realized he peed in his sleep. (Does this mean potty training will be in the near future?!?) After she changed his diaper he went right back to sleep and had to be woken up this morning for daycare. (He is usually awake before anyone else is)

He has sensory issues and absolutely HATES clothing. It usually takes an hour and 2 people to get him dressed. This morning? He got dressed without a fuss and was actually excited to go to daycare.

To say I’m happy right now would be an understatement.

Is this a sign that good things are to come? We’ll have to wait and find out!






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