Bullying at age 2

This post will be short because I have to leave for class in less than 10 minutes but I’m so enraged I have to get this out.
When I picked up my son from daycare today he was being bullied. Can I call it that since they are only 2 and 3 year olds??
They were on the playground, my son was in the playhouse screaming and crying to get out but 2 little boys thought it would be funny to hold the door closed so he couldn’t leave.
This is unacceptable.
This had been going on for a little while before I got there. (I could tell because of the intensity of my son’s screams)
There are 3 teachers out on the playground at all times. They didn’t pull the boys away from the door until I got there.
The teacher who pulled them away said “Okay let him out his mommy is here to get him.”
I didn’t say anything because, well, I have a very short temper and more than likely would have screamed.

What the hell is wrong with kids? Why didn’t the teacher stop it sooner? How do 2 and 3 year olds learn to be mean? Can I call it bullying even though they are “babies”??


Update- After having time to rationally think about this I have decided I am not mad at the two little boys. They are too young to comprehend what they did was bad.
I am mad at the teachers for not stopping it immediately, telling the boys it was wrong, putting them in time out, whatever.
They had ample opportunity to stop it and there were THREE of them out there. For them to wait until I got there to do anything was just plain ridiculous.
I will be talking to them tomorrow in a calmly manner.



  1. The teacher should definitely have done something more to stop this from happening, and getting out of control to the point of panic for your son. Even if it was a game of some kind to begin with, it is obvious from the response of that teacher that it had escalated before you got there. I don’t know how you could respond here…unless the kids are stopped and have the concept of bullying and when to stop explained to them, they are will continue to be mean and thoughtless. They need to know that this isn’t ok.

  2. I would bring it to the teachers attention. I do not believe it is bullying because at this age children are still learning how to interact with each other. If this behavior is not fixed in the future it coulde lead to bullying.However, the teacher should address the situtation with roll play and books.Personally if I was the teacher I would have handle that situation then and there on the playground.If these three teachers are not observing the playground then something should be done. I know as a previous preschool teacher anytime a child was crying or scream I would at least take the time to invstagated the situtation.

    • I will bring it up in the morning when I drop him off. What makes me so mad is that they had ample opportunity to stop it and they waited until I got there and my child was on the verge of puking from screaming so much to stop it. And they didn’t even make a big deal out of it. She said “ok boys time to let him out, he’s mommy’s here to pick him up.” To me that is just ridiculous.

  3. i’d be on the phone right now to the parents of the other two boys. Quite emphatically too… Because the paretns need to explain to the kids what happened was not ok, and that treating friends thi sway is not ok, and that they are not ok with children behaving that way. And the parents need to know you know what their “angels” did, and that you pay attention and will not sit back and LET IT HAPPEN.

  4. It sounds like the teachers were already well aware of it if they said “Let him out, his mommy’s here.” What were they going to do if you had been 10 minutes late? Leave him in there screaming? Find out if you want to keep your child in that place.

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