So my son is sick. This would be perfectly fine if he was not autistic, but because he is, this momma is preparing for the storm. Whenever he gets sick he goes through a regression for a week or so, which consists of him screaming, throwing things, hating his clothes more than normal, forgetting everything he’s learned in therapy, etc. He also gets a rash all over his body after every virus he gets. I don’t remember the long word that the doctor said it’s called but he explained it to me. He said my son’s body goes into overdrive to get rid of the virus and the “rash” all over his body is really blood hemoraging in his tiny little veins. He assured us it’s nothing to worry about and I’ve relied that to his daycare but they still insist it means he’s too sick to go. So here I am at 1am, being nurse mommy and preparing for the worst. Anyone else’s kids have the same reaction to viruses?



  1. My son nearly always has a rash. If it isn’t from a virus, it is eczema from dryness or clothing or some unknown factor. Unless your son has a fever, your daycare is being a bit ridiculous. Unless he finds it itchy or painful (if you can tell) there is no reason to keep him home.

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