Child leashes

So I keep hearing people say they don’t want to use a child leash because they are too afraid of what people will say and how they will be looked at.

Let me start off with this; I too had the same fears. Before I had children I always thought child leashes were a joke.

Now that I have a child, especially a child with autism, I am a huge advocate for them.

My son has no proprioceptive reference at all. He thinks he’s further away from objects than he actually is. This causes him to trip, bump into things, run into things, etc.

He also isn’t a fan of holding hands or shopping carts. He won’t sit in the seat and when he’s in the back of the shopping cart he wants to stand/jump.

He also loves running, which sometimes means running away from me. So for these reasons I think the leashes are awesome.

Today we went to Walmart and Petsmart. He let us use the leash without fussing or fighting for the first time. He actually kind of liked it. My husband and I felt safe that he could not wander away from us, and he felt like he could finally have some freedom and be able to walk and explore things.

Nobody looked at us weird, and the only comments we got from people were how cute my son was and how curly his hair is.

So for you parents that worry about what other people will think, and let that stop you from feeling safety and from letting your child feel some freedom, I say don’t. What’s the old saying? “Those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter.”


This is the leash we have for my son.


Update on bullying

Today I made a surprise visit to my son’s daycare around 11:30. They were eating lunch and getting ready for nap time. Everything looked great and the teachers I like were there.
When I picked him up a little while ago the same teachers from earlier were there instead of the normal afternoon teachers. He seemed very happy and blew everyone kisses goodbye.
A huge difference from yesterday. I didn’t say anything because the teachers in question were not there. But the next time I see them I will be talking to them.

Bullying at age 2

This post will be short because I have to leave for class in less than 10 minutes but I’m so enraged I have to get this out.
When I picked up my son from daycare today he was being bullied. Can I call it that since they are only 2 and 3 year olds??
They were on the playground, my son was in the playhouse screaming and crying to get out but 2 little boys thought it would be funny to hold the door closed so he couldn’t leave.
This is unacceptable.
This had been going on for a little while before I got there. (I could tell because of the intensity of my son’s screams)
There are 3 teachers out on the playground at all times. They didn’t pull the boys away from the door until I got there.
The teacher who pulled them away said “Okay let him out his mommy is here to get him.”
I didn’t say anything because, well, I have a very short temper and more than likely would have screamed.

What the hell is wrong with kids? Why didn’t the teacher stop it sooner? How do 2 and 3 year olds learn to be mean? Can I call it bullying even though they are “babies”??


Update- After having time to rationally think about this I have decided I am not mad at the two little boys. They are too young to comprehend what they did was bad.
I am mad at the teachers for not stopping it immediately, telling the boys it was wrong, putting them in time out, whatever.
They had ample opportunity to stop it and there were THREE of them out there. For them to wait until I got there to do anything was just plain ridiculous.
I will be talking to them tomorrow in a calmly manner.


Last night the husband and I went out by ourselves and our son stayed with my parents. Usually he gets so mad when he sees us leave that it takes an hour or so to calm him down. My mother reported to me that he was very good the entire night. They ate stuffed peppers for dinner and he ate all of it (usually he wont eat the pepper).

They went to bed at 8 without a fight (which almost never happens). He woke up at 10 because he realized he peed in his sleep. (Does this mean potty training will be in the near future?!?) After she changed his diaper he went right back to sleep and had to be woken up this morning for daycare. (He is usually awake before anyone else is)

He has sensory issues and absolutely HATES clothing. It usually takes an hour and 2 people to get him dressed. This morning? He got dressed without a fuss and was actually excited to go to daycare.

To say I’m happy right now would be an understatement.

Is this a sign that good things are to come? We’ll have to wait and find out!





Obsessions and routines

My son has an obsession with Toy Story. And by obsession I mean he owns everything Toy Story and if you try to get him to do anything while the movie is playing, or try to get him to watch anything else, he will go ape shit crazy.

One day Toy Story ended and instead of restarting it I put in Alvin and the Chipmunks. That was a huge mistake on my part. He didn’t even give the movie a chance. He repeatedly screamed no, smacked me, threw himself on the floor, and then repeatedly turned the tv on and off. (I’m assuming he thought this would bring Toy Story back?)

Now it’s not that I wanted to see him act like this. It took me by surprise and took me a minute to get Toy Story back on.

Do your kids have an obsession?

Now on to routines. The first thing my son does when he gets up every morning is get a bowl so that he can eat Cheerios and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. On the mornings he doesn’t go to daycare, he then has eggs and toast while he watches Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

He refuses to have a routine for the rest of the day, but his mornings have to go like that or else it’s chaos.

Do your kids have any specific routines?

This is my little one. He makes a face like this in EVERY picture. Seriously. Besides baby pictures of him, I think I only have 2-3 “normal” pictures of him.

See what I mean?


So my son is sick. This would be perfectly fine if he was not autistic, but because he is, this momma is preparing for the storm. Whenever he gets sick he goes through a regression for a week or so, which consists of him screaming, throwing things, hating his clothes more than normal, forgetting everything he’s learned in therapy, etc. He also gets a rash all over his body after every virus he gets. I don’t remember the long word that the doctor said it’s called but he explained it to me. He said my son’s body goes into overdrive to get rid of the virus and the “rash” all over his body is really blood hemoraging in his tiny little veins. He assured us it’s nothing to worry about and I’ve relied that to his daycare but they still insist it means he’s too sick to go. So here I am at 1am, being nurse mommy and preparing for the worst. Anyone else’s kids have the same reaction to viruses?

Hello world!

This blog will be an overview of my everyday life and my comments on certain news articles/opinions on autism. I have Asperger’s Syndrome and my 2 year old son has been diagnosed with severe ASD. I am a law major in college as well as a “stay at home” mom.

My son goes to therapy 4 days a  week. He is currently in occupational, speech, and ABA therapy. We were very lucky to find therapists who we really click with. My son loves them and I couldn’t have asked for a better support team.

My son is currently non verbal. He could say a few words when he was between 12 and 15 months old and then one day it all stopped.  He had a horrible pediatrician who wouldn’t listen to my concerns and told me I had no idea what I was talking about. (Right, the woman with Asperger’s has no idea what she’s talking about when it comes to autism.)

I know I was looked down upon and ignored because of my age, and that’s something I still deal with everyday. We finally found a pediatrician who listened to me and he referred us to a developmental pediatrician. After being in the developmental pediatrician’s office for over 2 hours, we left with a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. Finally I had  the confirmation that I needed to know that in fact I was not crazy, there was something wrong with my son, and now we could start to process to helping him.

My son was diagnosed 6 months ago at the age of 18 months. Once he was diagnosed he was put into  therapy immediately. I can already see lots of improvements. Instead of completely not talking he can now imitate, and uses about 3 words in his everyday speech.

3 months ago we went back to the developmental pediatrician to do more testing and the diagnosis went from PDD-NOS to severe ASD. The change in diagnosis was hard for everyone to take in. Was he really severe? Does this change what people had hoped to be his outcome? Was he ever going to be able to talk?

Stay tuned to find out the answers to those questions.